Ethnozoological Knowledge and Local Perceptions about the Reintroduction of the North African Ostrich (Struthio camelus camelus Linnaeus, 1858) in the Koutous, Niger

Maïmounatou Ibrahim Mamadou, Abdoulaye Harouna, Maman Kamal Abdou Habou, Marie Petretto, Ali Mahamane

Page: 1-14
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Effects of Graded Dietary Protein on Growth and Laying Performance of Pearl Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)

Korankye Okyere, James Kwame Kagya- Agyemang, Serekye Yaw Annor, Akwasi Asabere- Ameyaw, Clement Gyeabour Kyere, Noel Fiashide, Wisdom Setsiwah

Page: 23-29
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Seasonal Variation in the Haematological Parameters of the Adult Mallard Duck in a Tropical Environment

O. S. Olawuwo, O. I. Azeez, J. O. Oyewale

Page: 30-37
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Performance Evaluation of Different Accession of Anacardium occidentale L. Seed under Various Substrates

Aminatou Hamida, Massai Tchima Jacob, Oumarou Palou Madi, Yaboki Elisabeth, Boursi Jérémie, Aoutaksa Bouba Christian, Ranava Dieudonné

Page: 38-47
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A Random Study to Assess Height, Weight and Bmi of Children Attending Anganwadi Centres in Urban Project Sectors of Trivandram District

B. Abhina, C. Anitha Chandran

Page: 48-54
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Microorganisms and Physico-chemical Profile of Aquatic Ecosystem in Akwa Ibom State

B. Atoyebi, M. A. Ekpo

Page: 15-22
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