Sustainable Inland and Coastal Fisheries: Key Lessons Drawn from Community-based Fisheries Management in Bangladesh

Md. Golam Mustafa

Page: 1-17
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Acute Toxicity and Erythrocyte Osmotic Fragility Studies of Methanol Leaf Extract of Asystasia vogeliana in Rats

Hillary Emeka Ugwuanyi, Patrick Emeka Aba, Samuel Chukwuneke Udem, Innocent Ifeanyi Madubuinyi

Page: 18-28
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Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Surveillance of Oxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Beef and Frozen Poultry Meat (Chicken)

Samuel Adedayo Fasiku, John Olusola Olayiwola, Emmanuel Oluwasegun Babayemi, Omorinsola Tolulope Lasekan, Afolake Atinuke Olanbiwoninu

Page: 29-35
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Structure of the Woody Stands of the Future Pre-Release Site of North African Ostrich (Struthiocameluscamelus(Linnaeus, 1858)) in Koutous, Niger

Maïmounatou Ibrahim Mamadou, Maman Kamal Abdou Habou, Thomas Rabeil, Habou Rabiou, Marie Petretto, Ali Mahamane

Page: 36-48
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Investigation of Factors Affecting Biogas Production from Cassava Peels by Fractional Factorial Design Experimental Methodology

M. T. Nkodi, K. C. Mulaji, M. R. Mabela, S. J. Kayembe, M. E. Biey, G. Ekoko, K. M. Taba

Page: 49-56
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