The Potential of Benefiting Variation between the Same Species of Artemisia Herba-alba from Different Location in Northeast of Libya

Rania. F. M. Ali, Ahlam K. Alaila, Gebreel. A. A. Aldaaiek

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Capture Efficiency of Some Artisanal Fishing Gears Employed At Upper Benue River Basin, Nigeria

R. Bonjoru, K. A. Abubakar, F. H. Bonjoru, V. R. Ndeham, S. O. Amadu

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Level of Adoption of Improved Cassava Technologies in Benue State

Juliet Ogadinma Onyemma, Koko Michael Tertsea, Nkem Kelechi Ogbonna, Nwafor Solomon Chimela

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Thermoregulation and Haematological Responses to Induced Acute Haemorrhage in Adult Nubian Goats

Selma E. Abdalla, Abdalla M. Abdelatif, Shadia A. Omer

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