Comparing Organic Matter Content under Four Different Land Uses in Uloanondugba, Imo State, Nigeria

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O. U. Onyegbule
E. O. Azu Donatus
S. A. Ike
U. Akagha


The variability of organic matter across four contrasting land uses namely oil palm plantation OPPL, sand mining site SM,  tenuously cultivated land CCL and primary Forest (PFL) were evaluated in Imo State. Results obtained showed that the percentage of sand decreased down the depths in all the land uses: PFL, CCL, OPPL, SM which were 76.6, 76.1, 77.7 and 70% respectively. The soils ranged from sandy loam to sandy clay loam in texture. The SM had the highest mean bulk density of 1.76 g/cm3 against the lowest mean value of 1.52 g/cm3 in the PFL. Similarly the PFL had the highest mean percentage organic matter of 2.12% as well as the lowest coefficient of variation 7.8% compared to the high coefficient of variations observed in the other land uses. The sand mining had 68% coefficient of variation while the CCL, OPPL had coefficient variations of 58% and 52% respectively indicating high variations .There was little or no variations in the percentage total nitrogen as well as available phosphorus in the PFL compared to the high variation in the other land uses. Land uses that depleted the essential nutrients in the soil should be avoided. Mulching and conservation tillage that tends to restore the soils nutrient ability should be adopted and sustained.

Organic matter, land uses, coefficient of variations

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Onyegbule, O. U., Azu Donatus, E. O., Ike, S. A., & Akagha, U. (2019). Comparing Organic Matter Content under Four Different Land Uses in Uloanondugba, Imo State, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Life Sciences International, 22(2), 1-6.
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