Capture Efficiency of Some Artisanal Fishing Gears Employed At Upper Benue River Basin, Nigeria

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R. Bonjoru
K. A. Abubakar
F. H. Bonjoru
V. R. Ndeham
S. O. Amadu


This study was carried out to compare the capture efficiency of some artisanal fishing gears employed at Upper Benue Basin, Nigeria. The study was carried out for a 6 months period running from July to December 2017. Sampling was by Direct observation of the Fish at the landing sites and the gears used by the fishermen. Coefficient of Variation is used for the assessment of variability in the Catch Per Unit Effort (CPUE) by gear types. Other data were analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).  A total of 5 different gear types were identified to include: Gill net – Taru; Malian trap – Gura/Malia; Lift net – Akauji; Cast net – Birgi; Longline – Rincha. The result further indicated that Coefficient of Variations (C.V) differ with the gear used. The study therefore recommends that further investigation on the efficiency of the nets over a longer period (for at least 2 seasons) should be carried out; government should take immediate action through public awareness and education to regulate fishing activities such that adequate numbers of fishermen should be licensed to fish in a particular water body, together with their gear and craft nets; and a minimum of 3” mesh size has been recommended for all inland net fishing. This is to protect the spawning stock of commercially valued species.

Capture efficiency, artisanal fishing, gears, upper Benue basin

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Bonjoru, R., Abubakar, K. A., Bonjoru, F. H., Ndeham, V. R., & Amadu, S. O. (2019). Capture Efficiency of Some Artisanal Fishing Gears Employed At Upper Benue River Basin, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Life Sciences International, 21(2), 1-7.
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