Flora Diversity and Distribution in Falgore Game Reserve, Kano State, Nigeria

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J. I. Amonum
E. T. Ikyaagba
S. A. Dawaki


The diversity and distribution of tropical vegetation becomes more important in the face of the ever increasing threats to the tropical ecosystems. This study was carried out to examine the variations in composition and diversity characteristics of the flora species of Falgore Game Reserve in Kano State, Nigeria, with a view to promoting sustainable conservation and management of the game reserve. The study area was stratified into four topographic locations, namely: hill top, sloppy area, level ground and the riparian forest. A one kilometer line transect perpendicular to a baseline (an established tract/road) was laid in each of the four study locations. 50m × 50m sampling plots were systematically established at a predetermined interval of 200m on both sides of the transect; given a total of ten sampling plots in each study site, and a total of forty (40) plots for the study. The 50m× 50m sampling plots were used for the assessment of woody plants species (trees, saplings and shrubs). One meter squarewas used for the assessment of the herbaceous layer (Herbs and Grasses). Plant Species diversity and distribution were estimated using species richness (D), species diversity (H′) and species evenness (E). Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) at p< 0.05. A total of 3,231.2 individuals/ha distributed in 23 families, 44 genera and 53 species were recorded in the study. Thirty six (36) species (67.9%) were trees, 7 species (13.2%) were shrubs, and 10 species (18.8%) were saplings while 10 species (18%) were herbs. The highest tree species diversity (H′= 2.5) was recorded at the level ground while the least was recorded at the sloppy area, (H1= 2.1). The highest diversity for Shrubs (H1= 1.23) was recorded at the sloppy area while the least (H1 = 0.09) was recorded at the level ground. The highest species diversity of Saplings, (H′= 1.92) was recorded at the level ground while the least (H′ = 1.12) was recorded in the riparian forest. The highest mean value for tree height (14.8m) was recorded at riparian forest while the lowest (10.5m) was recorded at hill top. Findings of this study showed that land use types in association with environmental factors have substantial influences on the density and morphological characteristics of plant species in Falgore Game Reserve.

Conservation, forest, species, game-reserve, tropical, vegetation

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Amonum, J. I., Ikyaagba, E. T., & Dawaki, S. A. (2019). Flora Diversity and Distribution in Falgore Game Reserve, Kano State, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Life Sciences International, 20(3), 1-13. https://doi.org/10.9734/jalsi/2019/v20i330085
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