Bacteriological Profiling and Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria Isolated From River Niger Lokoja Tributary, Nigeria

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P. T. Fowoyo
G. Abuo


A beehive of activities occurs in the River Niger tributary located in Lokoja town, Nigeria which pollutes the water often consumed or used by the indigenes. This study is aimed at investigating the physicochemical and bacteriological quality of the water, whilst also determining the resistance of isolated bacteria to frequently used antibiotics. Water samples were collected along River Niger, Old market Area in Lokoja metropolis at different depths and were analyzed microbiologically and physic-chemically using standard laboratory methods. The antibiogram of bacteria isolated from the water samples was carried out using the disk diffusion technique. The total viable count ranged between 1.0 x 105 - 9.0 x 105 cfu/ml. The predominant bacteria isolated include Salmonella sp. (18.6%), Klebsiella sp. (11.6%), Bacillus sp. (16.3%), Staphylococcus sp. (20.9%), Proteus sp. (7%) and Escherichia coli (25.6%).  Temperature, pH, turbidity and salinity values ranged between 27 - 29oC; 7.71 - 8.11; 433.70 - 3898 NTU and 0.04 - 0.06 ppt respectively. Total suspended solids, total dissolved solids and biochemical oxygen demand range of the water samples was between 32.0 - 952.0 mg/l, 66.0 - 92.1 mg/l and 1 - 4 mg/l respectively. Bacillus sp. was susceptible to all the tested antibiotics while Staphylococcus sp. exhibited resistance to only amoxicillin. Salmonella sp. and Klebsiella sp. were susceptible to almost all the antibiotics. Proteus exhibited resistance to only amoxicillin-clavulanic acid while Escherichia coli were resistant to chloramphenicol, amoxicillin-clavulanic acid and ciprofloxacin. The presence of pathogenic bacteria in the water from river Niger and their antibiotic resistance traits necessitates the need to enlighten and dissuade the public from drinking this water and also discouraging its use in the washing of ready to eat fruits and vegetables sold in the environs.

River Niger, microbial quality, water, antibiotic resistance, bacteria.

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Fowoyo, P. T., & Abuo, G. (2018). Bacteriological Profiling and Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria Isolated From River Niger Lokoja Tributary, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Life Sciences International, 19(3), 1-11.
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