A Study on Egirdir Nursing Home for Assessment of Landscape Preferences

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Candan Kus Sahin
Busra Onay
Mehmet Topay


Aims: The aim of the study was to evaluate Egirdir Nursing Home and its existing structures under Landscape Architecture Major.

Study Design:  Relevant literatures were utilized in order to evaluate present landscape elements, plant design approaches and accessibility properties for the elderly, visitors and staff. Some comprehensive observations, scorings and recommendations were given.

Place and Duration of Study: The study was conducted in September 2018, in Egirdir town, Isparta province where located in Mediterranean parts of Turkiye.

Methodology: The garden status, building placement, capacity and locational information's were undertaken from site visits. However, the aerial photographs, face to face interviews with nursing home staff were conducted, and evaluation was made under the Landscape Architecture discipline. In this regard, a scoring sheet for assessment was prepared with a base on recent literature information's that the calculated scoring values were used to evaluate Egirdir Nursing Home features. After the scoring for the total of 59 features, the percentage of success was calculated with ratio of percentage of scores to possible maximum score of each feature.

Results: Egirdir Nursing Home’s location is close to the residential area. However, it contains some units that design to improve elderly mural and emotional outcomes.  In this sense, the garden was found to be heavy planting with many greenery textures. There are randomly planted flowers, trees and plants throughout garden. It was realised some landscape units and elements in the garden for increasing user satisfaction some level.

Conclusion: The Nursing home and its units are important places for the elderly. It should be a sustainable design and adapt to the needs of the community.  However, its design could be easy accessibility and reachability, has controlled circulation. Evidence from many studies proposed that well-designed nursing homes and their immediate environments could confirm restorative and pleasant nature views, reducing stress and improves the emotional outcomes of users. It was found that the Egirdir Nursing Home’s garden is easily accessible to elderly and staff. In terms of plant materials, it is seen that the garden areas are partially adequate for aesthetic and functional way. Since the garden has some landscape elements and objects, it is also covered many type plants including trees, shrubs and some aromatic plants. In overall evaluation, it was found to be 67% success in overall and it could be classified as ‘successful’ unit in terms of Landscape Architecture discipline.

Egirdir nursing home, elderly, garden, landscape design, plant design.

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Sahin, C., Onay, B., & Topay, M. (2018). A Study on Egirdir Nursing Home for Assessment of Landscape Preferences. Journal of Applied Life Sciences International, 19(3), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.9734/JALSI/2018/45578
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