Phytodiversity Analysis of Tree Species of Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary (KWLS), Odisha, India

R. Saravanan, K. A. Sujana, D. Kannan

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Raw Material from Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) as Effective Fungicide against Fusarium oxysporum and the Oleoresin Profile of Nutmeg

A. Y. L. Fernando, W. S. M. Senevirathne

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Diversity, Life Forms, Chorology and Uses of Spontaneous Medicinal Plants in Niamey and Tillabéri Regions, Niger Republic

A. J. Mamadou, S. Douma, M. M. Inoussa, S. Moussa, A. Mahamane, M. Saadou

Page: 1-17
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Influence of Soil Amendment on the Relative Growth Rate and Net Assimilation Rate of Phaseolus vulgaris and Vigna aconitifolia

E. A. Effa, A. A. J. Mofunanya, B. A. Ngele

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