Common Diseases Affecting Poultry Production in Arusha Peri-urban, Northern Tanzania

Emmanuel Sindiyo, Julius Missanga

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Copper Nanomaterials as Drug Delivery System against Infectious Agents and Cancerous Cells

Ardhendu Kumar Mandal

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Antifungal Potential of Aqueous Extracts of Neem Seeds (Azadirachta indica) on the vitro Development of Six Strains of Phakopsora pachyrhizi, Causal Agent of Asian Soybean Rust

Ndogho Pégalepo Angèle, Asseng Charles Carno, Ndongo Bekolo, Makamté Pégalepo Esther Delphine, Heu Alain, Mboussi Serge Bertrand, Ambang Zachée

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Anatomical Studies on the Stem and Leaf of Vernonia amygdalina Del, Cyanthillium cinereum (L.) H.Rob and Brenandendron donianum (DC.) H.Rob. in Southern Nigeria

C. I. Kemka-Evans, Okoli, B., C. U. Nwachukwu, M. Ikeanumba

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Urine-kinetics of Low Molecular Polyethylene Glycols Following an Oral Capsule Ingestion

K. Baum, S. Einwächter, M. Bibl, B. Huppertz

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