Study on the Prevalence of Fascioliasis on Cattle Slaughtered at Minna Modern Abattoir, Niger State, Nigeria

M. O. Iboyi, P. A. Agada, N. G. Imandeh

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Prevalence of Uncomplicated and Severe Malaria in Outpatients of a Tertiary Hospital in Rivers State, Nigeria

M. N. Wogu, F. O. Nduka, K. T. Wariso

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Effects of Non-genetic Factors Affecting the Productive Performance of White Fulani and Friesian x White Fulani Genotypes in Kaduna, Nigeria

D. Bala, O. M. Momoh, S. D. Gwaza

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Changes in Some Enzymes Activities of Amaranthus viridis L. Inoculated with Telfairia Mosaic Virus (TeMV)

A. A. J. Mofunanya, A. T. Owolabi

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Sex Dimorphism in the One Hump-Camel (Camelus dromedarius) from Selected Populations in Nigeria

G. Tandoh, D. S. Gwaza

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