Prevalence of Tick Borne Haemoparasites in Some Breeds of Cattle and Goats Slaughtered in Some Abattoirs within Makurdi, Nigeria

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T. S. Atsuwe
V. U. Obisike
E. T. Azua
G. N. Imandeh


This study was carried out to compare the prevalence of tick-borne hemiparasite in some variety of cattle and goat in Makurdi. The thin blood film technique was used in the study. Chi-square (X2) test was used to compare the prevalence rates. Breed of cattle examined was: White Fulani (45.2%), N'dama (35.5%) and Muturu (19.3%); While those of goats were: West African Dwarf (16.7%), Adamawa Red (37.3%) and Red Sokoto (46.1%). Haemoparasites of cattle and goats and their prevalence were: Anaplasma centrale (22.4%), A. marginale (21.1%), Bebesia bovis (11.4%); A. centrale (16.7%), A. marginale (12.3%), B. ovis (11.4%) and Theileria ovis (7.8%) respectively. The prevailing tick-borne hemiparasites detected were A. central, A. marginale and B. bovis, in cattle and A. central, A. marginale, B. ovis and T. ovis in goats.

Haemoparasites, cattle breed, anaplasma centrale, Bebesia bovis

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Atsuwe, T., Obisike, V., Azua, E., & Imandeh, G. (2019). Prevalence of Tick Borne Haemoparasites in Some Breeds of Cattle and Goats Slaughtered in Some Abattoirs within Makurdi, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Life Sciences International, 21(4), 1-5.
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